Hi, I’m Nicci.

And this is pretty much what I look like all the time.

I am, in no particular order, a writer, mom, educator, and community volunteer with a love for math and a disdain for inequity. I also find myself hilarious.

I write articles, stories, and books that dig deep into complex emotions about family, motherhood, and what it means to exist in today’s society; here’s an example of one of my favorite essays.

My newsletter is my way of staying connected with readers while I work on my various projects, which range from writing novels to running a news publication to chasing a toddler around while my tweens watch from over their devices. I just published my first Novel, When We Were Mothers, a dystopian tale of reproductive autonomy and family ties. Check it out—you might enjoy it.

With each Note I write to you, I seek to provide a level of entertainment, empathy, and enlightenment - along with a healthy dose of both humor and heart.

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If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read so far, you’ll probably enjoy your subscription to Nicci’s Notes. Each Wednesday (more or less) I send a personal essay or poem that will take around 5-8 minutes to read. My essays largely treat themes I see in my books and in the world around me. On Fridays, I send a roundup in which I share my take on what’s been going on that week—be it in the writing world, the parenting world, or the world at large—as well as a few things that have been exciting, entertaining, and enlightening me. And, sometimes, I’ll share work from other writers and thinkers I come across along the way.

You can expect humor, but also a fair mix of the real emotions that come with being a woman, a parent, and an advocate in this time and place in history. In previous newsletters, I’ve ruminated on the topic of home and what it means to me, whether a mother can ever truly feel whole, and what it means to write descriptions that work to earn their place on the page.

Oh! And there are freebies! Subscribers get deleted scenes and behind-the-scenes looks that I don’t share anywhere else.

Finally, paying members of Nicci’s Notes get 3 things that free members don’t get:

  • Access to the Sequel Writing Chronicles, a video chronicle of my writing process as I plan and write the sequel to When We Were Mothers.

  • A discount on the audiobook version of When We Were Mothers that will be produced when book royalties and paying memberships together add up to enough to support its creation

  • The thrill of supporting a creator on a worthwhile journey.

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I don’t write in isolation.

But more importantly, humans don’t exist in isolation. We have lost the village we were meant to have, the village everyone says it takes to get through this world. When you subscribe to Nicci’s Notes, you become a member of our village. Like and comment on posts and contribute to the community you’ve all helped me create.

We are here for each other. We learn together; we grow together.

I can’t wait to meet you. And, if you want to hang out without the constraint of an email inbox, you can always visit over at Substack Notes.


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