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Oct 15, 2022·edited Oct 15, 2022Liked by Nicci Kadilak

Well, I have known this talented and beautiful person since she has been on the plant ☺.

Nicci is my niece and I am super proud of her and her many accomplishments. I am currently reading her first novel and am really enjoying the timely subject matter and all the interesting characters sprinkled throughout. I look forward to reading Nicci's Notes because it keeps me caught up on the whirlwind she is on as well as how her family is doing. I recently got to visit with Nicci while she was visiting the midwest and was introduced to the newest family member and reintroduced to the older two kids. It was so fun to get to play with the kids, to talk with Jon and to watch this sweet little girl work her momma magic on her kiddos. It was a great visit and a fun snippet into the everyday life of a busy mom, wife, writer, educator, newspaper publisher, boo boo fixer, beginning gardener and so much more. You're doing a fabulous job Nic. Keep shooting for the moon. Your rocket is going to fly high!

Love you ,


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