This amazing stanza stood out to me the most:

"That people I don’t

know in a town that

doesn’t belong to me would

know who I am and

care what I do and not just

because I’m full of


You're a talented and skilled writer. I'm so sorry for your loss.

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This post is wonderful, Nicci. I read the poem first, which I enjoyed, and then I went back to listen to the voiceover. Such a goosepimpling combination.

I don't know much about poetry, but the 'scale', for want of a better word, of this part of the poem is terrific; because of its length I found it pulling me relentlessly towards the conclusion:

'To cradle so tenderly a

box marked on all sides in

orange stickers advertising to the world

what’s inside....'

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Nicci, I am a deep reader of poetry and I've studied prosody and published one poem on short-edition.com though I don't usually write poetry. I love this poem, its lyrical lilt, its imagery and the turn at the end that I would have loved even without the explanation. Go girl!

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We write to release, we share it because we know, on the soul level, someone, somewhere, at some point in their life, needs to hear exactly what you said.

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I adore voiceovers with poetry, maybe it's because it's just more personal.

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Loved it Nicci! This is beautiful. And the explanation helped.

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lovely work

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