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Tell me about it.

But nearly everyone's behind the curve. That's the way it works. Doesn't mean you can't join in. The only alternatives are to miss out entirely or to get ahead of the curve - but the latter requires foreknowledge of whether it's an actual curve, or just a tangent leading to nowhere. Don't beat yourself up about it. No regrets. See a curve you like, go jump on it. Unless it's a tangent.

So... is self-publishing a real curve, or one of those tangents you want to avoid? I don't know. But what i do know is that I have numerous friends and acquaintances who have tried it, and been hugely disappointed. The publishing bit is easy. The selling is hard. What these people all had in common was that they made no real attempt to publicise and promote. I get the impression that the business side of things is just as hard as the creative. But if you've got a plan to handle all that, then go for it.

All of which, of course, comes from a position of ignorance. How many books have I finished writing? How many have I published? How many have I sold? Zero, on all three counts.

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When we look back we tend to notice things and how perfect their timing was. I can’t wait for you to look back at this through that lens!!! Just DO it!!!

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Your words are creative, inspiring and certainly worthy of being read by the masses!


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