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Very much a Capricorn :)

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I'm an Aquarius. An eccentric, creative, and sometimes misunderstood person! I don't know much about astrology besides the basics. Someone once created a whole birth chart for me but I have no idea how to read it. What's exciting me - the holidays and working on my new monthly newsletter on the pagan wheel of the year which I publish here. What's enlightening me? I am in a group where we are exploring the book A Course in Miracles. It's quite a hefty book and I probably would lack the motivation to get through it on my own. But it is life changing.

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Love that ink! I’m Aquarius ♒️ with a Libra ♎️ moon. As an eccentric individual who loves bringing community together, Aquarius hits hard for me lol. The moon hits too because my shadow work is trying to please too many people.

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I'm the only scorpio in the family now that my mom has passed. Pretty sure the description below sums it up (mostly). I don't keep score in my relationships and often forgive too easily because I try to see the world through other's perspective. I'm sure that part of me falls under a different sign.

I am looking into getting a new tattoo as well.

Something that is nature /gardening related and also one to honor our baby dog, Lucy.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. Because of its incredible passion and power, Scorpio is often mistaken for a fire sign. In fact, Scorpio is a water sign that derives its strength from the psychic, emotional realm. Like fellow water signs, Cancer and Pisces, Scorpio is extremely clairvoyant and intuitive.

What makes this water sign unique is its distinctive venomous sting. Like their celestial spirit animal, the scorpion, Scorpios lie in wait and strike when least expected. Life is a game of chess for these calculating water signs, who are constantly plotting several steps ahead in order to orchestrate an eventual checkmate. This doesn't mean their intentions are necessarily nefarious. Scorpios simply know what they want and aren't afraid to work hard and play the long game to get it. ~ allure

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