Fascinating conglomerate here, Nicci. I do have a couple of stories about loss of friendships that meant much, but all seem too close to the heart to share here. Know that I appreciate the reach-out to do so.

We know your words will keep coming--even when "The Words Wash Away"--your beloved guest post here: https://marytabor.substack.com/p/when-the-words-wash-away-nicci-kadilak Take care and always good to read you. Glad we found each other. xo ~ Mary

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Dec 15, 2022Liked by Nicci Kadilak

It's interesting how when I moved to read this newsletter, I had to press pause on my phone to halt Maclemore’s Wings playing via my buds, and then seeing it being discussed here. Wings is such a great song and a powerful critique of America's consumerism and the US entire marketing/sales industry through sneaker culture largely promoted by the NBA.

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